Who are we at Remotejob?

In Remotejob, currently only I (the creator) work, who is the one making the entire project management possible.

Rubén Angulo


I am an internet enthusiast who, a few years ago, decided to launch this great project to show others how to earn money and work from home. I have been making a living remotely since 2012 and have knowledge in SEO, SEM, marketing, and programming.

Why was Remotejob created?

Remotejob is the English version of the original project Trabajaren.casa. On this website, articles are uploaded that have been translated from Spanish to English. So, I will tell you the story of the original project:

Before starting the Trabajaren.casa project, I went through various equally exciting online businesses. The beginnings back in 2012 weren’t bad at all; I earned a little and learned a lot. Since that year until today, I continue to explore every way to take advantage of the internet. In my early days, I went for the easy stuff, directly to download websites (games, movies, music…) anything that could be downloaded, there I was to make money. Later, I started experimenting with YouTube and, although it took a while to generate income, I eventually succeeded. When the right time came, I sold everything and pivoted to more “professional” projects that allowed me to earn a living in face-to-face jobs and at the same time online. By 2015, I was already making enough money to buy some web pages and to this day I have been buying and selling all kinds of projects.

I currently live off the internet, having worked in companies as an SEO. And all the knowledge I have accumulated (and continue to accumulate) I showcase in this great project that I opened in 2020. Initially, the idea was to offer only remote jobs for visitors, analyze job offers, etc. But little by little it grew more and I decided to add any way of making money online.