How do you answer: What appeals to you about this position?

When one sets out to enter the professional world, there are a myriad of challenges that can arise. However, perhaps one of the most daunting tasks is navigating through the intricacies of job interviews and professional questionings. Among the array of questions posed during an interview, one stands out for its inherent ability to grant insights into a candidate’s motivation and alignment with the company’s objectives. That question is “What appeals to you about this position?” In this article, we will delve into strategies, advice, and examples on how to effectively approach and answer this critical inquiry.

The importance of preparing adequately for this query cannot be understated. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how your skills, interests, and career goals align with what the company offers and stands to achieve. Consequently, a well-structured and thoughtful response can markedly improve your chances of securing a job.

Understanding The Purpose of the Interview Question

To offer a compelling response to the question “What appeals to you about this position?”, it is vital first to recognize why interviewers ask this question. In essence, potential employers aim to assess if a potential employee’s interest in the role is superficial or deeply-rooted, based on your understanding of the company’s core values and operations.

Research and Preparation as Key Pillars

Before stepping into an interview, ensure you conduct extensive research on the company and the specific role. Doing so equips you with the knowledge of the company’s culture, values, projects, and role requirements. Demonstrating your understanding of these aspects can set you apart from other candidates who may only display a cursory interest in the position.

Identifying Personal and Professional Synergies

A convincing answer to “What appeals to you about this position?” should clearly show how the role aligns with your personal interests and professional aspirations. It allows the interviewer to see how passionate you are about the job and the value you can bring to the company.

Tailoring Your Response To Fit The Role

While honesty is paramount during a job interview, it’s just as crucial to customize your response to suit the specific role you’re applying for. State the unique aspects of the role that appeal to you, be it the challenge it poses, the opportunity to learn and grow, or the chance to make significant contributions to a team or project. Remember to use direct and simple language to express your enthusiasm.

Providing Concrete Examples

As much as possible, illustrate your answer with relevant examples from your past experiences. This approach gives more weight to your assertions and helps establish credibility with your interviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some doubts and frequently asked questions resolved:

How much detail should I provide in my answer?

While you should strive to be concise, ensure your answer provides enough details to show that you have given considerable thought to why the position appeals to you. Also, balance out your response so it does not come off as overly rehearsed or generic.

What if my reason for being interested in the job is simply the need for a job?

It is common to apply for a job because you need one. However, when answering, “What appeals to you about this position?” it is advisable to go beyond this basic need and consider what genuinely interests you about that specific role.

Should I talk about how the job will benefit me personally?

Yes, it is okay to mention how the job will potentially advance your career or help grow your skills. However, remember to also express how your capabilities and interest in the job will benefit the company.

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